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Go360™ bioTrack™ at Traceability Symposium 2016

Angus GeoSolutions Inc. (AGSI) and BIO are partnering as a proud sponsor and exhibitor at the Traceability Symposium 2016, to be held in Calgary, Alberta on November 2 - 3, 2016.

They will be introducing their new G0360 bioTrack system that makes traceability so much easier and more affordable.

The Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) is bringing together governments, industry and private sector to share successes and explore opportunities – bridging the gaps as traceability moves forward in Canada and globally.

AGSI and BIO partnered to create an indispensable mobile business solution called Go360 bioTrack that beef, dairy, bison, goat, and sheep farmers can use anywhere, anytime. All you need is a smartphone! Visitors to this year’s Traceability Symposium will get a preview of the next generation of Go360 bioTrack.

“AGSI and BIO have been developing a more robust mobile application with an improved user experience.” said Christopher Cameron, President and CEO of AGSI, “AGSI’s Go360 technology and BIO’s industry expertise is taking data collection, traceability, analysis and reporting to a whole new producer focused level”.

“Data collection must be easy and real-time.” said Mike McMorris, BIO General Manager. “Ranchers have too many daily chores to spend much time gathering data. Go360 bioTrack makes it as simple as possible”.

AGSI’s Christopher Cameron and Ali Dzikowski along with BIO’s Mike McMorris and Betty-Jo Almond will be on hand to answer any questions and demonstrate the newly updated Go360 bioTrack mobile application.

This revolutionary mobile application is already in use by many farmers today. The updated Go360 bioTrack application will have expanded features while providing modular flexibility to better suit farmers’ needs as their business grows.

More About Go360 bioTrack

Go360 bioTrack helps producers manage land and livestock, track records, analyze information, create reports, and link information along the food supply chain all through any web-enabled mobile device, such as tablets and smartphones.

Go360 bioTrack overcomes one of the industry’s biggest challenges when working in rural areas – availability of internet or cell service. This truly mobile application allows farmers and ranchers to continue their work in the field or in the barn, literally anywhere, anytime. Users simply upload their data when back in range.

Once data is collected, users benefit from the analysis and reports that are featured in Go360 bioTrack including:

  • Accurate inventory by location
  • Identification and culling of low producing animals
  • Full pedigree and genetic evaluations
  • Complete health records by animal and groups
  • Benchmarking for improved performance and decision making

Farmers use the customizable grid within Go360 bioTrack to generate any report, then brand that report with their farm logo. With Go360 bioTrack, multiple people can use the application at the same time, making data management more accurate and meaningful. Choosing Go360 bioTrack also prepares farmers and ranchers for impending traceability and farm programs (e.g. Verified Beef Production Plus; proAction).

In 2015, AGSI and BIO received the prestigious Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence. Go360 bioTrack was recognized as an excellent example of innovation for the agri-food industry.

About the Traceability Symposium

The CCIA is anticipating more than 200 delegates from across Canada, United States, European Union, Australia and New Zealand representing governments, universities, research centres and programs, the private sector and industry will attend and participate in this great forum to exchange views and knowledge. For more information, visit

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