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Geographic Points of Interest

Popular Places Across the Country

Go360™ Points of Interest (POI) data is identified as any travel destination, recreational, informational, emergency, or scenic site in the country that serves a public function. This database design can be of particular interest to any organization looking to perform targeted marketing campaigns focused on any target demographic identified as a specific POI category.

Our Geographically Referenced Dataset Can Include Any of the Following:
  • amusement parks & rides
  • monuments, landmarks & lookouts - zoos and animal sanctuaries
  • neighbourhoods and districts
  • stadiums, arenas, and sports centres
  • wineries
  • raceways and casinos
  • emergency services (ambulance, police, fire)
  • festivals and markets
  • education centres (schools, colleges, and universities)
  • civic buildings (courthouses, libraries, information centres, etc.)
  • aerial cableways
  • cemeteries
  • cinemas
  • community centres
  • ski centres
  • airports
  • financial institutions, securities, and investment
  • health care (hospitals, long‐term care centres, outpatient clinics)
  • government buildings (federal, provincial / state municipal)
  • golf courses
  • gas stations
  • ruins
  • marinas / yacht clubs & ports
  • postal outlets

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