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Go360 Business Centre

AGSI’s Go360 Business Centre unifies the operations of an organization through integrated applications and shared access to data.

Go360 applications are designed around the specific needs of departments, functions, or roles. Users perform and complete their work through easy-to-use and optimized workflows. Integrated applications connect departments, breaking down silos and inefficiencies. Work and data flows efficiently from one area to another.

This means work is assessed and gets assigned quickly. Employees and teams are more productive. Data and reports are analysed in real-time, for faster, safer, and more reliable decision making.

Go360 applications share the same data, where authorized, so areas of the organization that need to share data can do so in real-time. Users and departments share a central knowledge base, known as a ‘Single Source of Truth’. Data is formatted for each area of the business, so it is meaningful and useful to those that need it.

Basically, the organization is connected so it communicates and runs smoothly. It allows the organization to services customers better, be more responsive, and more transparent with a watchful eye on the bottom line.

The Go360 Integrated Organization

Go360 Suite of applications are designed around the specific needs of departments, functions, and roles

  • Connecting departments
  • Optimizing workflows
  • Sharing real-time data
  • Breaking down silos
  • Improving communication
  • Increasing efficiencies

Go360™ Business Centre

Integrated Business Applications & Information


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