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Go360 Audit & Compliance

Transform inspection data into powerful knowledge

Virtually every industry must comply with corporate policy, regulatory requirements, or industry and quality standards. Go360 Audit & Compliance helps organizations use this information for business analysis, performance trends, reporting, litigation, and more.

Easily Perform Audit Inspections & Generate Reports

Go360 Audit & Compliance provides everything you need to perform audits, inspections, or checklists efficiently and effectively on your mobile device. Customize audit checklists, collect data, and instantly create reports or action lists.

Anywhere, Anytime

Audits can be completed without an internet connection so audits can be performed where assets are located, in rural areas, in vaults and basements, or underground in manholes. Once you’re connected to the network, easily upload and sync your data to the server.

  • Create and manage users, user groups, user types, assets, and audit templates
  • Assign audits to assets, asset types, or groups
  • Assign assets and audits to auditors based on skill set or area of responsibility
  • Assets can have multiple audits - different audit types / daily, monthly, annual
  • Create messages to users as they log in

  • Easily create or duplicate audits, configure categories and questions for any asset
  • Use simple yes / no answers, value inputs, numeric ranges, sliders, or drop-down options, and much more
  • Scores applied to questions and audits for asset scoring and comparisons

  • Launch audits with a click of a button
  • No paperwork - results are uploaded straight to the server
  • Record comments and take photos
  • Tooltips provide instructions or helpful photos
  • Reference asset details, floor plans, layouts, contractor lists, and more
  • Pause and resume audits
  • Search and filter assets and sub-assets
  • Locate and view assets on a map

  • Create reports and action lists instantly
  • Send alerts and comments to managers, maintenance crews, or supervisors

Perform audits on virtually any asset, key corporate interest, critical infrastructure, service, or delivery:

  • Property Management
  • Government & Public Facilities
  • Farming & Agriculture
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Electric, Oil & Gas Utilities
  • Communications
  • Fleet Management & Transportation
  • Security & Law Enforcement
  • Universities, Schools & Day Cares
  • Roads, Bridges & other Infrastructure
  • And more...
Business Analytics & Reporting

Go360™ Dashboard and reporting tools provide managers and executives with a complete picture:

  • Digital data is more valuable than paper audits not properly completed or filed away offsite
  • Search by date, asset, inspector, or overall score
  • Audits have unique ID, automatically GPS, date, and time stamped while recording auditor’s name
  • Managers know when, where, and if audits are performed
  • Real-time reporting when results are uploaded to the server
  • Visualize data in ways that makes sense to decision makers for better, more informed decisions
  • Gain Insight, view performance, trends, productivity, asset scoring, and more
  • Ensure compliance to corporate policy, regulatory requirements, or industry and quality standards
Unparalleled Protection & Security

Go360 Security Engine is a proprietary system that continuously runs checks and balances in the background to protect data, control user access, and ensure user authentication. The Security Engine is a fundamental component of all Go360 applications, entrusted by many data sensitive organizations.

Explore Go360 Business Centre

Go360™ Business Centre comprises of a fully integrated suite of applications. Skilled people are part of the equation. Go360’s technology and data integration bring it all together to support users in their roles from technicians, operators, analysts, supervisors, and executives, so your staff and employees Spend Time Wisely.


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