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Responsive Cities

The media is filled with news about the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities, with many companies offering products in these areas

At AGSI we believe these technologies are important, but that they need to be put into context, and supported by transformative web applications to make city-services more responsive, not just smarter.

As described below, we have a long history of helping deliver more responsive city-services through faster responses to events, responding to demands for better communication, and effective responses to the deluge of new data.

Faster response to events

As sensors are pervading the civic-space, we’re able to offer a faster response-time to events. For example:

  • Using “last-gasp” messages from electricity smart meters, with customer ‘no-power’ calls, and a digital distribution system to predict, in real-time, power-outage extent and open protective device locations. Delivering faster crew response, fault diagnosis and power-restoration. 
  • Merging smart street light events, customer calls, and employee inspection results, to optimize reactive maintenance of streetlights. 
  • Relating optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR) readings, a light-channel-based connectivity model, channel-fiber-cable-trench containment model, and geo-spatial location of trenches to guide cable technicians to faults more quickly. 

Responding to the demand for better communication

With the advent of ubiquitous data networks, smart personal devices, and social media, city-users expect more information to be available and for it to be updated in real-time. They expect to interact with city-services through their mobile devices, applying for services online, and providing feedback to cities on what needs to be fixed.

Examples that AGSI has delivered include:

  • Delivering power-outage extent, cause, and restoration time estimates, through a public web map and to call-takers systems in real-time. This provides more accurate and up-to-date information to customers, while lowering the call-handling burden. 
  • Helping cities support businesses through API-based access to up-to-date Civic and Mailing address. 
  • Enabling online submission of permit and license applications 
  • Online reporting of errors in civic addressing 

Responding effectively to the “data flood”

Pervasive deployment of sensors provides a flood of new data that allows cities to respond more effectively. Examples that AGSI has delivered include:

  • Building digital twins of distribution transformers and using hourly-interval load data from smart meters, to:
    • Identify transformers that are suffering premature loss-of-life due to overloading 
    • Predict those that will fail unless there’s an intervention 
    • Optimizing the selected intervention using secondary network connectivity and transformer fleet analysis 
  • Using machine learning on outages-duration, cause and circumstance data, generated by operations management software, to better predict restoration times.

How have we achieved these results?

AGSI offers a unique blend of software and data products, supported by professional services that are delivered by experienced consultants.

Our Go360 software is able to:

  • Ingest sensor readings and events 
  • Associate data streams with Digital Twins of real-world things 
  • Perform descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics for the Twin 
  • Model Digital Infrastructure as connected systems of individual Digital Twins 
  • Provide tools to keep the Digital Infrastructure up-to-date in near real-time 
  • Interpret data streams in their system-context to predict overall system state 
  • Deliver information formatted to any mobile device 
  • Acquire data from users of mobile devices, in real-time, with locational context 
  • Deliver new tools that underpin delivery of more responsive services

Our data products provide:

  • Master data for: places, streets, civic addresses, mailing addresses, places of interest 
  • Psychographic & demographics analytics 
  • World-wide coverage 
  • Finer level of detail than competing products 

Our professional services cover:

  • Digital transformation strategies 
  • Service optimization 
  • Software configuration 
  • Training 
  • Data services 

How can you get involved?

AGSI can help you create more responsive services. Call us on 1-905-876-0700 or email us at

Go360’s Responsive Cities solutions include:

  • Go360 Address Manager
  • Go360 Asset Analytics
  • Go360 Asset Manager
  • Go360 Audit & Compliance
  • Go360 CrewOps
  • Go360 Dispatch
  • Go360 LiveOps
  • Go360 Permitting

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