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Go360 Dispatch

Go360™ ‘Multi-Tier’ Dispatch for synchronized work management across departments, employees, and contractors

Organize service calls, assign work, and dispatch field crews effectively. Go360™ Dispatch is an intuitive, secure web application used by utilities, government, and other organizations to coordinate, manage, assign, and record their work.

Organizations responsible for service delivery and public safety, critical infrastructure (such as electric, water, roads, streetlights, telecom, bridges, buildings) and other services, are better prepared and more responsive to the needs of clients, community, and citizens.

Go360 Dispatch Delivers
  • Issue recognition from sensor web or transaction files (311)
  • Call centre integration and other unplanned calls
  • Management of both planned and unplanned jobs
  • Co-ordination of field crews, operations staff, and contractors
  • Live work status updates through Go360™ CrewOps
  • Timestamp tracking of work milestones
  • History of associated work comments and follow-ups
  • Reporting for all business and regulatory needs
Streamlined Workflows

Dispatchers can group incoming issues / incidents or alerts, organize work, and assign work to appropriate crews, while effectively managing costs, resources, and time. All the while prioritizing on issues and locations that will have the greatest impact for citizens and customers as well as safety and convenience.

Dispatcher view with focus on incoming incident or issue details

Rapid Dispatch

Dispatchers can quickly mobilize field crews through the Rapid Dispatch workflow option or compile more complex work orders with multiple job tasks. The easy-to-use user interface allows dispatchers to evaluate incoming requests and determine the most appropriate response with all the available information.

All Pertinent Details

Go360 Dispatch is a business application that provides efficiencies and saves money through focused tools that allow your teams to Spend Time Wisely.

“Go360 Dispatch and CrewOps have become valuable tools for our day-to-day operations. The adoption of the Go360 suite has allowed us to move from a manual process to an automated approach, saving us time and money. The logging and history feature of Go360 has helped inexperience work crews learn from the past work of experienced crews. We spend less time preparing and managing manual systems and more time on closing out service calls for our clients.”

- Guy Brunet - Supervisor, Energy Services, Envari,at BeSpatial URISA Ontario Utilities & Municipal Assets Seminar, Cambridge, ON, Oct. 29, 2019

Everyone Working Together

Go360 CrewOps delivers work to your field-crews in real-time, keeping them responsive, productive, and mobile. Users can review all pertinent work details and automatically update on activities and task accomplishments including critical items such as job status, materials, time, and costs.

Go360 Audit & Compliance provides field crews everything they need to perform audits, collect data, instantly identify defects. Failed inspections and / or rule-based alerts are sent automatically to an asset manager and / or dispatcher in the form of new incoming issues for decision making and dispatching.

Go360 Dashboard delivers managers and executives a visual snapshot of current activities as well as an organization’s key performance indicators. Reporting abilities are provided in a number of measures including, review by assets, field crews, location, work type, work orders and more. Dashboards and reports, provide organizations with better insight on work performance, asset management, crew utilization, work quality, performance for financial accounting and can provide specific governing agency reporting requirements.

Unparalleled Protection & Security

Go360 Security Engine is a proprietary system that continuously runs checks and balances in the background to protect data, control user access, and ensure user authentication. The Security Engine is a fundamental component of all Go360 applications, entrusted by many data sensitive organizations.

Explore Go360 Business Centre

Go360™ Business Centre comprises of a fully integrated suite of applications. Skilled people are part of the equation. Go360’s technology and data integration bring it all together to support users in their roles from technicians, operators, analysts, supervisors, and executives, so your staff and employees Spend Time Wisely.


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