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Go360 Data

The Most Up-to-Date, Detailed, & Accurate Location Information

Go360™ Data products are some of the most up-to-date, detailed, and accurate location information found anywhere. We use a unique method of data gathering, database management, and quality control while utilizing various sources of spatial data. Our field research team ensures that our clients have the most up-to-date and precise topographic information for both urban and rural areas by physically visiting and verifying location information.

Go360™ Maps

Incorporated into all Go360 Business Centre applications are Go360 Maps, including themes such as Road Networks, Parks, and Rivers. Assets and information are displayed on our base maps so users to see it geospatially, in relation to other assets, locations, structures, or natural surroundings, helping your organization manage geospatial business challenges.

Incorporate Any Map & Data

Clients can use our Go360 Maps and Go360 Data or easily incorporate their own preferred base maps and data. Go360 applications are easily configurable displaying any map or client asset data layers allowing clients to manage assets, critical infrastructure, service, or delivery in any industry.

Go360 Data Products

Go360 Data is a comprehensive database of North American location and spatial information. Developed over 30 years by collecting, verifying, and managing the highest quality of land-based location information needed to support mission-critical functions for both private and public sector operations.

Data Products Include
  • Address Points
  • Road Network
  • Canada & U.S. Postal Code Boundary Products
  • Residential Directory Services
  • Business Directory Geocoding Services
  • Geographic Points of Interest
  • Place Names
  • Go360 Maps
  • Customer Profile Data
  • Satellite, Aerial, & Street View Imagery
  • Cadastral & Property Data
Verify Information with Go360™ Check-It

Go360 Check-It is available for clients who would like to have our data specialists or field researchers check and verify any information licensed from Go360 Data. Our research team uses our own Go360 real-time data-management software to capture geospatial location information - including highly accurate GPS locations - for those customers who require mapping data.

Explore Go360 Data Products
Address Points
Road Network
Postal Code Products
Residential Directory
Business Directory
Points of Interest
Place Names
Go360 Maps
Customer Profile Data
Satellite, Aerial, & Street View
Cadastral & Property Data

Explore Go360 Business Centre

Go360™ Business Centre comprises of a fully integrated suite of applications. Skilled people are part of the equation. Go360’s technology and data integration bring it all together to support users in their roles from technicians, operators, analysts, supervisors, and executives, so your staff and employees Spend Time Wisely.


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