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Hydro electric crew performing repairs to the grid

Utilities today are striving to overcome complex and interrelated problems arising from rapidly advancing technology and customer expectations.

Many utilities are seeking to replace outdated systems, applications, and IT infrastructure. In doing so they have unprecedented opportunities to reshape their operations and enhance customer service along with information security and sustainable efficiency.

All this requires a leap forward in data management. Whether generated by people or machines, data must be made universally accessible and analyzable. Data must be distributed with equal reliability to the field and to desktops. It must be used to empower and educate customers as well as staff. Perhaps most challenging of all, data must be protected, and it must be a resource for ensuring the security of the entire utility.

Go360 is leading utilities into the era of secure, real-time data management.

We have implemented solutions for network operations, asset management, and big-data analytics for many utilities, and have led or assisted with smart-grid solution projects.

We offer leading, open-standards geospatial software for utilities facilitating enterprise interoperability through our services-oriented architecture.

Our solutions are Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) compliant, eliminating all traditional requirements for GIS system middleware and costly proprietary database structures. Our utility clients report demonstrable improvements in efficiency.

As one example, the COO and Vice President of Engineering and Operations of Burlington Hydro, Mr. Dan Guatto, told the 2012 International Oracle Spatial Conference in Washington, DC that the Go360 platform has become the business tool of choice for everything from engineering and network operations to field inspections and Executive Management dashboards.

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