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Federal / Provincial / State / Territorial Governments

Go360 improves elections processes and the management of assets for governments, and enables authorized users in second-tier governments to access and collaborate on their information

This is of high importance to governments dealing with issues such as online identity management, public safety, and the efficient delivery of programs. Often government departments are constrained in their efforts to collaborate using disparate information systems and forms of data.

Go360 enables the integration and cross-referencing of multiple data sets in a single environment. This can include external data such as land titles, assessment roll information, parcel maps, phone numbers, postal / zip codes, and aerial and satellite imagery.

Regardless of the form of the data, Go360’s service-oriented architecture permits full communication within legacy IT systems in a non-disruptive manner. This provides cost-effective benefits throughout a jurisdiction or department. The Government of Ontario has witnessed such positive effects.

Provincial Premises Registry

Go360 technology was used by the Government of Ontario in the management of the Provincial Premises Registry for all the agriculture and food producer locations in Ontario. This was the first step in building a modern provincial food-safety program through tracing and emergency management containment.

A premises identification number is a unique identifying number assigned to a parcel of land that is associated with agri-food activities. In Ontario, premises are identified and registered in the Provincial Premises Registry.

Go360 technology, managing data from our Location Warehouse, creates a secure and easy-to-use registry, facilitating the capture and validation of premises information to enable the agriculture ministry to oversee, prepare, and coordinate response to agri-food incidents.

In the first year of operations, Go360 supported an increase in the size of the registry by 50 per cent, with no operational downtime, at more than 35-per-cent savings over the previous supplier.

Emergency Management

Government jurisdictions are responsible to implement prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery strategies to maximize the safety and security of their citizens. They can turn to Go360 to support and enable their strategies.

During an emergency, government officials and first responders only need access to a web browser to locate the area of the emergency and then participate in a videoconference environment to facilitate the coordination, details, and remediation of the emergency. Emergencies can range from food chain safety and flu pandemics to power outages and tornados.

Explore Go360 Business Centre

Go360™ Business Centre comprises of a fully integrated suite of applications. Skilled people are part of the equation. Go360’s technology and data integration bring it all together to support users in their roles from technicians, operators, analysts, supervisors, and executives, so your staff and employees Spend Time Wisely.


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