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Supporting the Fight to Conquer Cancer in Our Lifetime

AGSI President and CEO, Christopher Cameron was amongst many Canadians to support the 4th annual Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer event. Below is the thank you letter from the event organizers. AGSI is sharing this to help spread the word…

On Saturday September 27, 2014 with the sun shining and the Toronto city skyline set as the backdrop 1,387 Road Hockey players participated in the world’s largest event of its kind – all in the name of advancing The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre’s vision to: CONQUER CANCER IN OUR LIFETIME

What could be more Canadian than pulling together a team of friends and / or colleagues, dusting off the old hockey stick and playing a full day of spirited road hockey? Some might say it’s our “Canadian duty” to play; others might say “only in Canada”. Regardless, due to your support we collectively raised an astonishing $2.219 million dollars – talk about stepping-up and answering the call to conquer cancer.

The dollars contributed will go to Personalized Cancer Medicine research at The Princess Margaret – one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world. Every patient is unique. Every patient’s cancer is different. So, it follows that individualized treatment will get the best results. Donated funds are directed towards our scientists who are focused on four areas of Personalized Cancer Medicine:

  • DETECT – finding cancers earlier
  • DIAGNOSE– analyzing cancers more precisely
  • TARGET– targeting treatment more specifically
  • SUPPORT– providing comprehensive physical and emotional support

On Saturday, the players were all cancer sharpshooters. Thank you again for your most generous support.


Shawn Burt, Chief Hockey Officer

PS - In the fourth year of Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer, it’s harder than ever to express how grateful we are to you and how significant your support is to our vision to Conquer Cancer in Our Lifetime. If you want to join the fun and play a little road hockey next year, make sure to sign up for 2015.

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