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Revolutionizing Tools for the Agriculture Industry

AGSI in association with Bridging Intelligence Opportunities (BIO) has developed an indispensable mobile business solution called Go360™ bioTrack™ that beef, goat, and sheep farmers and producers can use anywhere, anytime.

Go360™ bioTrack™ helps producers manage land and livestock, track records, analyze information, create reports, and link information along the food supply chain all through any web-enabled mobile device, such as tablets and smartphones.

Go360™ bioTrack™ overcomes one of the industry’s biggest challenges when working in rural areas – unavailable internet or cell service. This truly mobile application allows farmers and producers to continue their work in the field or at the barn where the animals are, and at market or auction where business is done. Go360’s disconnect mode allows farmers and producers to manage information anywhere, anytime. Users can upload their data when an internet connection becomes available.

Information is safely stored and maintained locally in a secure facility so if a user’s mobile device goes down or damaged, information is not lost.

Once data is collected, users benefit from the analysis and reports that are featured in Go360™ bioTrack™ including:

  • Identification and culling of low producing animals
  • Selection of new sires to meet the needs of the herd
  • Comparison of performance of offspring of current sires
  • Benchmarking for improved performance and decision making

Farmers use the customizable grid within Go360™ bioTrack™ to generate literally any report, then brand that report with their farm logo. With Go360™ bioTrack™, multiple employees or partners can use the application at the same time, making data management more accurate and meaningful. Go360™ bioTrack™ also saves time through automatic updates to the associations and government agencies, as well as automatic updates of genetic evaluations.

“We chose to work with AGSI and their Go360 technology because of their experience in providing big business solutions in other industries and organizations such as hydroelectric, telecommunications, public safety, and government. This allows BIO to bring proven future-proofed technology to the farm and blend that with our on-farm business knowledge for a best-of-breed solution.” says Mike McMorris, General Manger at BIO, “We also wanted to add value for our customers by taking bioTrack to the next level and making it mobile, and with Go360 technology we were able to do just that”.

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