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Northern Ontario Wires Selects Go360 Integrated Software

Northern Ontario Wires Inc. (NOW Inc.) selects Go360™ LiveOps for Integrated Network Operations and Outage Management, including Go360™ Outage Maps, and Go360™ Customer Care

NOW Inc. is implementing AGSI’s Go360 LiveOps alongside Go360 Public Outage Maps and Go360 Customer Care modules to deploy an end-to-end real-time network operations solution. This will support NOW Inc.’s prime 2018 business objective… to enhance and automate their outage response capabilities, customer communications and customer satisfaction.

The integrated Go360 solution supports an interactive, real-time environment for customer call taking, intelligent smart grid systems and smart meter integration, a comprehensive outage management environment, crew dispatching, mobile workforce software and a public facing outage map.

As part of this initiative, NOW Inc. will be seen as a North American utility leader by integrating their customer smart meters for real-time detection of any electric system outage. The Go360 solution is designed to monitor and detect smart meter outage detection messages and analyze the electric system in real-time to accurately pinpoint outage locations. This integrated solution will notify on-call utility staff 7 / 24 with an electric system map-based operating interface in order to respond immediately and arrive directly to the predicted outage location to begin work sooner.

Customers will be reassured, in real-time, that the utility is aware of their outage situation via Go360 Outage Maps. Customers can receive regular updates letting them know when their power will be restored.

Longer-term benefits include the modelling of outage problems against the electrical system, allowing NOW Inc. to optimize on-going asset management and system planning for increased reliability.

In addition, Go360 has a web-based network editing interface making it easy to capture data for records and in-field system QA / QC of the electric system model. NOW Inc. also plans to deploy this network-editing module later this year. NOW Inc. is beginning the implementation of their Go360 solution and expects to have a fully working system by the summer of 2018.

About Northern Ontario Wires Inc.

As a Local Distribution Company (LDC), Northern Ontario Wires Inc. owns and operates the electricity infrastructure, distributing a safe and reliable supply of power to homes and businesses within three communities. NOW Inc. currently serves over 6,000 customers and maintains approximately 27 km of distribution line infrastructure.

More About Go360 Products

Go360 LiveOps

Integrated Network Control Centre software allows system operators to analyze and visualize data in multiple ways while optimizing reliability, safety and incident management response to outages, repairs, or other incidents, providing 360˚ situational awareness to decision makers.

Go360 LiveOps brings planned and unplanned outage management, power restoration management, and distribution management into one complete solution. The software integrates traditional systems with Smart Grid technologies in a unified interface for network optimization and assists control room operators to keep the network up and running.

Go360 Customer Care

Assisting customer care representatives to manage customer interactions such as taking calls, reporting incidents, and communicating with control room operators through LiveOps. See suspected and confirmed outages with restoration status and provide helpful information back to customers in real-time.

Go360 Outage Map

Provides up-to-date outage information to customers through an interactive public facing webpage. Integrated with customer care and the OMS, the outage map is automatically updated and provides critical information such as the outage area, number of customers, cause of power outage, planned outages and estimated time of power restoration.

Go360 Dispatch

Providing dispatchers with the tools to efficiently coordinate, manage, and record work events. More than just expediting information to a task or problem, the application delivers issue recognition from sensor web or transaction files, on-the-fly control of incoming trouble calls, call centre integration, and the management of both planned and unplanned events. Dispatchers co-ordinate in-field staff while receiving live status updates from field crews through Go360 CrewOps. This application assists in the tracking of all event milestones as well as reporting for all business and regulatory needs.

Explore Go360 Business Centre

Go360™ Business Centre comprises of a fully integrated suite of applications. Skilled people are part of the equation. Go360’s technology and data integration bring it all together to support users in their roles from technicians, operators, analysts, supervisors, and executives, so your staff and employees Spend Time Wisely.


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