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New Enhancements to Go360 LiveOps 4.0

AGSI is announcing new enhancements in September’s release of Go360™ LiveOps Advanced Outage Management System for electric utilities

Version 4.0 has many new features and workflow improvements including:

  • Map based, one click operations for switching and work protection tagging
  • Automatic network analysis and pop-up display of network impacts when proposing switching
  • Sophisticated real-time interaction with smart meters to accurately predict outage locations
  • IEC CIM network connectivity model for advanced real-time network management including FLISR
  • Accurate step by step recording of restoration processes and customers restored for each outage event with automated and audited outage reporting for critical outage statistics such as CAIDI, SAIDI and SAIFI

Go360 is the integrated Network Control Centre software that allows control room operators to analyze and visualize real-time network state data in multiple ways while optimizing reliability, safety, and incident management response. Go360’s secure web based environment provides real-time data sharing and critical enterprise workflow enabling situational awareness and faster decision making across all departments. Go360 LiveOps brings planned and unplanned outage management, power restoration management, advanced distribution management, and customer communications into one complete solution. The software integrates traditional systems with Smart Grid technologies in a unified interface for network optimization, and assists control room operators keep the network up and running both safely and efficiently.

“We have great collaborative working relationships with the control room operators like the ones at Burlington Hydro”, says Geoff Cameron, Executive Vice President at AGSI. “The valuable feedback our customers provide allow us to continuously make improvements to our Go360 suite of products. Our customers are partners in the ongoing development resulting in meaningful improvements and real customer satisfaction”.

Image at the top of the page shows a predicted outage area (grey polygon) and the smart meters that have reported in with a “Last Gasp” (No power).

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