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John Laflamme - Manager, Quality Assurance & Customer Support

John is instrumental in transforming requirements into quality assurance and regression tests for our Go360™ products and custom Client applications

AGSI is proud to announce John Laflamme as our new Quality Assurance & Customer Support Manager.

John is instrumental in transforming requirements into quality assurance and regression tests for our Go360 products and custom Client applications. During his 3 years at AGSI John has shown exemplary and varied skills on a wide variety of projects in all of our industry segments. John’s attention to detail, technical background, troubleshooting skills, as well as his calm and thoughtful personality makes him an ideal individual for this position.

John completed the Computer Engineering Technology course at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario. While the focus of his education pertained to computer networking and hardware, he also received valuable experience in web design, robotics, programming, microcontrollers, PLCs, PCB design, and automation while also learning electrical and electronic fundamentals. The various applications and programs he used during his studies helped develop his ability to learn and master software quickly. The labs and group projects allowed John to work in a team and gave him excellent project management and troubleshooting skills.

While at Mohawk College, he completed two Co-op terms at Burlington Hydro Inc. working as a GIS Engineering Technician. Using their Auto-Cad based GIS software, SpatialNET, he worked on improving data quality and network integrity while working closely with Control Room Operators and Electrical Engineers. He also received great experience and electrical knowledge shadowing field crews who patrolled the network and responded to trouble calls. After graduating, he was hired on as a contractor at Burlington Hydro and continued to work as a GIS Engineering Technician before being hired at AGSI as an Applications Specialist.

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