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Go360 Racer Taylor Milne Headed to Rio

Go360 Racing’s Taylor Milne won Gold at the Canadian Track & Field Championships this past weekend.

Taylor placed first in the 3,000m Steeplechase event to secure a spot on Team Canada and compete at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio. This championship event held in Edmonton, Alberta, July 7 to July 10, was the opportunity for Canadian track and field athletes to vie for spots on the Canadian Olympic team.

Those who watched Taylor’s race Saturday night, and knew of his story, were well aware that they were in for an amazing race. This was a story that has been developing for many years. It is a story of love, heartbreak, determination, and dedication.

Taylor has spent much of his life running and in 2008 Taylor’s goal, like many elite athletes, was to make it to the Olympics. He trained diligently to make Team Canada and went on to compete in Beijing in the 1,500m track race. In Taylor’s first heat of 10 he placed ninth and did not qualify through. In 2012, Taylor decided that he didn’t want to just go to the Olympics he wanted to COMPETE. However, Taylor missed out on the 2012 London Summer Olympics by less than one second, which was disappointing as he definitely had the ability. When Taylor lost all of his ‘A’ Card funding due to decisions made at Athletics Canada, AGSI decided to step in and assist an athlete who had copious amounts of talent. It was at this time that Taylor decided on a new direction by training for the 3,000m steeplechase event.

Taylor dedicated the next four years to the steeplechase. There had been many falls, cuts, dislocated shoulders and a concussion but none of that would slow Taylor down. He was determined to make it this year and make Canada proud. Taylor knew that if it wasn’t this year it might not happen, so last Saturday he gave it everything he had to win at Nationals.

AGSI and Taylor were first brought together in 2008 when Taylor came to speak with AGSI’s youth running team called AGSI Flyers. Knowing about the awesome track and field programs at University of Guelph and personally knowing head coach Dave Scott-Thomas, Chris Cameron, President and CEO of AGSI, requested to have a couple of Olympians speak with the Flyers running team. This speaking engagement occurred after the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Taylor Milne and Eric Gillis shared their experiences and Chris got to know them better. Taylor and Chris really connected when Chris learned that Taylor ran in some of Chris’ old favourite events in university. A special relationship developed and AGSI decided to sponsor Taylor through its sponsorship arm, now known as Go360 Racing.

AGSI is proud and excited to see what Taylor will accomplish in Rio this August. All the best Taylor and we look forward to watching and cheering you on!

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