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Go360™ OTDR Fibre Optic Solution

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the acceleration of many AGSI client business automation projects

One such example is a newly commissioned Go360™ solution at a top Canadian Fibre Managed Services Organization (MSO) for a real-time Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) driven detection solution.

Go360 technology has been interfaced with this MSO’s fibre optic pulsing sensor technology to pin-point cable damage and provide detailed information on the fault including breaks / cuts, bends, bad connectors, and any excessive insertion loss ‘events’. This extensive fibre network serves millions of individual Canadians and businesses across the country.

In real-time, Go360 receives the fibre optic pulsing information and quickly calculates the fault location and type on the network. This fault information is shared within seconds in the form of an alert, an interactive map, and report to both the Network Operating Centre (NOC) and front-line service technicians’ cell phones working remotely across Canada.

The MSO is now able to rapidly respond to fibre optic irregularities before they become a problem, ensuring that a response to a cut fibre is on the way, before a customer even has the chance to call the Help Desk.

Go360 OTDR Solution

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