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Go360™ bioTrack™ Receives Ag Data Transparency Certification

Go360™ bioTrack™, the award winning application for its simplified workflows in capturing data, is now certified for data safety.

AGSI, a provider of strategic technology and information solutions, and AgSights, a leader in data capture for livestock producers, is pleased to have one of Canada’s first three “Ag Data Transparent” certified systems, Go360 bioTrack.

Go360 bioTrack now carries the ADT seal, which means livestock farmers can rest assured their data is secure and they know exactly how it will be used. With Go360 bioTrack, livestock farmers can capture the data they need simply, and even remotely, on any device. There are many choices that a livestock producer can make in data capture. There is, however, only one fully comprehensive, mobile and ADT certified system: Go360 bioTrack.

Go360 bioTrack has been recognized for innovation excellence with a Premier’s Award as well as an Ag-Tech Harvest award. This second-generation system is built on the experience gained from ten years working directly with farmers across Canada and the United States. At AGSI and AgSights, our systems are a direct reflection of what matters to farmers: comprehensive with choice; advanced technology with simplified workflows for data capture; access to value-added information; and now with ADT certification, guaranteed data control.

“Collecting data takes time and effort at the farm level.” says Mike McMorris, General Manager at AgSights, “Farmers need to see value from that data and they also need to know that their data is secure and under their control. The ADT certification gives the assurance that every farmer should be asking for when they consider who to work with regarding farm data.”

Go360 bioTrack user interface

Go360 bioTrack has been recognized for its commitment to safeguarding farmers’ data. Being certified with Ag Data Transparent, a third-party administered and not-for-profit tool, livestock farmers are assured transparency with all collected data. Ensuring transparency in collection, use, access, portability, availability, and retention are all requirements to be considered Ag Data Transparent certified.

Ag Data Transparent is built off of the Privacy and Security Principles for Farm Data, a multi-company, multi-organization created document to protect farmers in today’s big-data market. Only companies that meet all core principles regarding collection, access and ownership are awarded the certified seal.

“Ensuring that farmers have access to their own data is our group’s purpose,” Bev Paul, Ag Data Transparent Board President, said. “Companies that meet the detailed, well-vetted criteria deserve to be recognized.” Ag Data Transparent represents a coalition of major farm organizations, commodity groups, and agriculture technology providers.

To learn more about Ag Data Transparent and the core principles of data transparency, visit the Ag Data Transparent website.

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