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Envari Deploys Go360 Product Suite to Service City of Ottawa’s Streetlights

Just over a year ago Envari implemented Go360™ Audit & Compliance for its infrastructure management business.

Envari, formerly Energy Ottawa, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc. Today, Envari has expanded their infrastructure and service capabilities by also incorporating Go360 Dispatch and Go360 CrewOps.

This fully integrated suite of Go360 products provides Envari with the enhanced ability to service and maintain the 72,000 streetlights in and around the City of Ottawa. This includes automatically responding to the identified problems originating from various sources such as 311 calls, LED Street Light Vision system (SLV), inspection defects identified from Go360 Audit & Compliance, and more.

The Go360 suite is orchestrated to deploy field crews with increased efficiency while better managing costs and providing better transparency in the form of reporting, as Envari is ultimately responsible to the City of Ottawa and its citizens.

“The Go360 suite has provided us with a maintenance database that uses mobile workforce management, dispatching, auditing and inspections of the streetlight assets for the City of Ottawa. This allows us visibility to respond to issues within the system. At Envari, energy efficiency is our primary business; the Go360 suite offers increased efficiency which we greatly value.”

- Dave Garland, Project Manager, Street Light Maintenance, Envari

Go360 Dispatch

Go360 Dispatch allows the user to prioritize issues and geographically optimize areas that will have the greatest impact for citizens and customers as well as safety and convenience.

Go360 Dispatch is able to manage many complexities of work ranging from simple, single-task jobs, to organizing more complex work orders with multiple jobs, tasks and crews.

Dispatchers can monitor job status in real-time with data coming from the Go360 CrewOps mobile application used by crews in the field.

Go360 CrewOps

Go360 CrewOps automatically updates field crews with prioritized work orders and related tasks, and provides them their work locations via an interactive map on their mobile devices. Crews can see all of their assigned task details plus relevant reference data such as original trouble call information and asset history. Crews are also able to view nearby unassigned planned work allowing for opportunistic work to assist in the elimination of future truck rolls.

Work that may require follow-up or cannot be completed due to extenuating circumstances is recorded along with crew comments. Uncompleted work is then rescheduled or reassigned by the dispatcher while field crews move onto the next available job.

Go360 Audit & Compliance

Envari utilizes Go360 Audit & Compliance to inspect any component of a streetlight. This integrated inspection environment provides field crews everything they need to perform audits, collect data, instantly identify defects, and in the background create live dashboards and reports. Failed inspections and / or rule-based alerts are sent automatically to an asset manager and / or dispatcher in the form of new incoming issues for decision making and dispatching.

This integrated suite of Dispatch, CrewOps, and Audit & Compliance can be easily configured to help organizations in any industry respond to the needs of maintaining any type of infrastructure and assets.

For more information and a demonstration of what this Go360 Suite can do for your organization visit AGSI at Booth 18 during EDIST 2019 at the Hilton Toronto / Markham Suites Conference Centre & Spa, Jan 16 - 18, 2019. AGSI’s friendly staff will be on hand to answer all your questions.

Explore Go360 Business Centre

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