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AGSI Gold Sponsor at BeSpatial URISA Ontario Virtual Conference

Angus GeoSolutions Inc. (AGSI) is excited to be a Gold Sponsor and participate in this year’s BeSpatial URISA Ontario Conference.

This year’s conference will be an interactive virtual event and the folks at BeSpatial are doing a tremendous job adjusting to the new realities we’re in, helping all of us stay safe while continuing to hold this important annual event.

The online BeSpatial virtual event will run May 4 & 5, 2021.

Appropriately, this year’s theme is of Resiliency - BeSpatial'21 Resiliency: A glimpse into the geospatial future with strategies for geospatial and information professionals.

AGSI’s Geoff Cameron, Executive Vice President, and Marc Curtis, Solution Sales Director, will be on hand in our virtual booth to answer questions and tell the world about the exciting new developments at AGSI, the Go360 Business Centre, and Location Warehouse data solutions. Be sure to connect with us through text or video chat.

Visitors can always visit Go360 for the latest updates on our business software, or Location Warehouse to view our data products and services.

About BeSpatial

A community of individuals and organizations share and innovate in geospatial and information knowledge and expertise to achieve evidence-based decision making. Recognized as the premier geospatial and information non-profit organization in Ontario.

BeSpatial is recognized as the premier geospatial and information non-profit organization in Ontario, where members share their experiences through networking and program events for the use and integration of spatial data, information, applications and technologies that provide solutions and solve challenges in both the public and private sectors.

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