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AGSI / Envari Presenting at BeSpatial Urisa Ontario

AGSI and Envari will be co-presenting at this year’s BeSpatial Urisa Ontario conference

AGSI’s Geoff Cameron, Executive Vice President, and Guy Brunet, Supervisor, Energy Services, of Envari Energy Solutions will be providing a presentation at this year’s BeSpatial Urisa Ontario - Utilities and Municipal Assets Event, in Cambridge, Ontario, on October 29, 2019.

The title of the presentation is: Advanced Ability to Service & Maintain Using the Integrated Suite of Go360™ Products - Envari

This presentation will demonstrate how the integrated suite of Go360 products provided Envari with the enhanced ability to service and maintain the 72,000 streetlights in and around the City of Ottawa.

Key topics will include:

  • How the end-to-end solution was implemented by automating the response to identified problems originating from multiple sources such as 311 calls, SAP, LED Street Light Vision system (SLV), and inspection defects identified from Go360 Audit & Compliance™
  • Business value achieved by streamlining complex workflows and real-time communications, data management, dashboards, and reporting
  • Driving down costs and improving productivity through automation
  • Driving consistency and quality in both work and reporting
  • Configurability that ensures ease-of-use and extremely quick adoption of the system by dispatchers, crews, asset managers, and contract managers

Envari Energy Solutions, formerly Energy Ottawa, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hydro Ottawa Holding Inc. In 2017, Envari expanded their infrastructure and service capabilities by incorporating AGSI’s Go360™ Audit & Compliance software to determine the asset health of the City of Ottawa’s streetlights. In 2018, Envari selected Go360™ Dispatch and Go360™ CrewOps software for operational maintenance of the network, providing a complete asset health with history, and measured maintenance response solution.

“The Go360™ suite has provided us with a maintenance database that uses mobile workforce management, dispatching, auditing, and inspections of the streetlight assets for the City of Ottawa. This allows us visibility to respond to issues within the system. At Envari, energy efficiency is our primary business; the Go360™ suite offers increased efficiency which we greatly value.”

- Guy Brunet, Supervisor, Energy Services, of Envari Energy Solutions

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