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AGSI Celebrates 30 Years of Evolution

We are thrilled to announce that Angus GeoSolutions Inc. is celebrating 30 years in the technology & information solutions industry

Over the years, we have evolved from a GIS consulting company to a data creator and maintainer, and then a producer of software.

Today, we are a business solutions innovator, committed to providing products and services that significantly reduce costs, increase business efficiencies, and prioritize security.

Our Go360Business Centre data and software products, along with our team of knowledgeable consultants, bring over three decades of experience and diverse backgrounds to deliver modern, secure, and forward-facing integrated solutions that help organizations perform mission-critical operations while serving their customers and constituents with accountability and transparency. We are proud of our journey so far, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and provide value to our clients.

Today, AGSI is heavily investing in our data and software with a focus on:

  1. Contact Centre - call centre & self-reporting
  2. Map Data Editor
  3. Utility Locate Screening
  4. Data InSights
  5. And as always, Security Engine!

We’re excited to share that we’re making great strides towards the future! Our team is working tirelessly on important advancements that we can’t wait to share with you. Be sure to keep an eye on our upcoming newsletters where we’ll be sharing all the details. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on what we have in store!

Meanwhile, you can read a recent interview in CIO Review 2023 as we talk about our data products and methodologies.

AGSI, an adaptive organization, has been fortunate enough to work on various business-changing initiatives for organizations of all types and industries ranging from all levels of government, telecommunications, utility segments, couriers, professional sports organizations, and real estate to name a few.

Our clients’ goals of better delivery, cost savings, and increased profits / dividends have been the driving force behind their success. We thrive on the challenges that our clients provide, and we dive deeper to provide the best possible solutions. Our approach is not only effective, but it’s also fun! That’s why over 80% of our employees have been with us for more than 10 years.

At AGSI, we believe in making a positive impact beyond our work. That’s why as part of our 30th anniversary, we’re donating $30,000 to charities and non-profits that are important to our clients and us. We want to help support the causes that matter to you. To make this happen, we’re taking email recommendations from our clients, and selecting 30 organizations to receive $1,000 donations in our clients’ names. We’re committed to making a difference. Send your recommendations to Christine at, and let’s work together to make the world a better place.

Thirty years may be a long time but in many ways it’s just the beginning.


Chris Cameron

President & CEO

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