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AGSI Announces Latest Updates to Location Warehouse

AGSI is pleased to announce the latest enhancements to its Location Warehouse™

With almost 20 years in operation this release continues to build upon the quality and accuracy that AGSI is known for, thus making it the preferred source of Canadian spatial data. AGSI is currently the only definitive source for "roof-top" address locations in Canada (both urban and rural). The latest release of addresses in Quebec completes a multi-year initiative for precision upgrades within the company's Canadian address database.

Accompanying the most recent data upgrades, AGSI is also pleased to announce the latest release of a number of Canadian datasets that are now available with the same precision as AGSI's address repository.

These Datasets Cover a Variety of Industries and Include the Following Categories

  • Address Locations - Multi-Unit Addresses, Phone Number and Name, Property Information, etc.
  • Business Directories - linked to Address Locations
  • Demographic Data - referenced to 6-Digit Postal Codes, Canadian coverage
  • Topographic Data - Base Data, Utilities, Elevation Data (Nodes, Contours), etc.
  • Points of Interest - Tourism, Recreation, Cultural, Education, Religious Institutions, etc.
  • Emergency Services - Police, Hospitals, Fire Stations, Ambulance Stations, etc.
  • Imagery - Satellite, Aerial, Street View
  • Transportation - Road Networks, Terminals, Border Stations, etc.
  • Consumer Directories - linked to Address Locations
  • Cadastral Data - Value Added Reseller, Canadian coverage (where available)
  • Postal Boundaries - FSA and FSALDU Polygons, General and Cadastral Precision Options (linked to Address Locations)
  • Resources - Soils, Wells, Land Use, Mines, etc.
  • Administrative - Neighbourhood, Named Places, Towns, Cities, Villages, Provincial Boundaries, Federal Boundaries, etc.

Please visit the products page of our website for a full listing of available datasets.

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