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Go360 bioTrack

Making it easy for farmers to collect and manage livestock data, convert it into knowledge to make better decisions for a more profitable agricultural business

Farmers can reduce time and effort in collecting and managing data while allowing them to focus on their day-to-day business and have more time for their family.

Meeting Consumer Needs

Consumers are demanding more information about their food, right back to the farm. Go360™ bioTrack™ allows farmers to meet these information demands with data collection anywhere, anytime using any web-enabled tablet or smartphone. Farmers can collect data in the barn or in the field with or without an Internet connection.

Once connected to the network, easily upload and sync data. All data gathered through Go360 bioTrack is securely stored and backed up so farmers never have to worry about a lost notebook or computer crash.

Capture & Manage Any Data

This robust but easy-to-use application makes it easy to manage anything from pedigree, reproduction, weights and scoring, health, tasks, traceability, location events, pictures, flags for reminders, reports, and more. Animals can be grouped and data easily captured on group events. Go360 bioTrack also provides genetic evaluation that compare individual animals.

Quick Entry Mode

Go360 bioTrack’s Quick Entry mode allows for speedy data entry. Quick Entry allows users to easily create single events or multi events on the fly to capture animal event data out in the field, in the barn, or wherever your animals are. Multiple events can be strung together to process animals efficiently, and Ear Tags can be scanned to capture animal IDs.

The application works whether connected or disconnected to the internet, and when a connection is re-established event data can be uploaded and synced to the database.

Go360 bioTrack is a flexible software application meeting the needs of any livestock farmer. A modular application allows farmers to choose the options they want now and grow the system as their business and information requirements grow.

Inventory - This option lays the groundwork for accurate animal inventory by type. Collect, manage, and look up livestock information including birth, purchase and sales data. This information is needed for agricultural programs and financial institutions.

Traceability - Set up farm locations to track the movement of animals easily, record visitors, add flag notifications, and upload photos of animals and locations. This option introduces reports such as animal / herd performance and management reports.

Health - Record vaccinations, medications, withdrawal dates, individual or group treatments, and protocols.

Measures & Scoring - Capture weights over time and important scoring data such as feet and legs, udder and disposition. Record milk quality, expenses by location, as well as carcass information.

Reproduction - Capture synchronization, heat detection, breeding, semen inventory, pedigree and birth.

Genetic Evaluations - Benefit from genetic evaluations on all of your animals, regardless of breed, updated regularly and easy to track in your account.

Tasks - Record and plan events such as shearing, hoof trimming and castration. Events can be captured for individual animals, groups of animals, and even by location.

Verification Programs - Farmer and producers can be sure to meet national on-farm verification program standards as they are built right into the system.

Go360 bioTrack has been developed to complement the way farmers and producers need to collect, manage, and use data. Go360, in conjunction with AgSights, is committed to business and productivity, implementing user feedback from the farming community to make improvements to workflows and usability. Farmers can focus on the important tasks without being hindered by technology.

Find & Track Animals - Search and filter tools make it easy to locate and group animals, view details and histories, process and record activities, and more.

Create Events - Easily find your animals and create events right from your animal look-up page. Whether a movement, vaccination, or breeding event, select the event type with a click of a button. Process single or multi animal events effortlessly.

Generate Reports - Easily generate a multitude of animal performance, management, history, and pedigree / breeding reports by animal, group, type, location and more. Get up-to-date Genetic Valuations to help you make sound breeding decisions. Create and save custom reports by selecting only the data points you require.

Upload Data Files - Load large amounts of data (including herd history) using the Import Tool.

Assign Tasks & Create Flags – Assign tasks and flags for animals or locations and send notifications to users via email. Reminder dates and actions dates are set with alerts for overdue items.

Third Party Access – Assign access to important business partners such as your veterinarian or auditor for a verification program.

Photos & Attachments – Upload and assign profile photos to animals and locations. Capture photos of events, medical labels, visitor documentation, and more.

Customizable dashboard tools provide farmers with a snapshot of their animals and business. View data through meaningful graphs and charts illustrating trends, performance and current inventory. Compare year-to-year data and receive notifications of overdue items right to your home page.

Award Winning Innovation

The first generation of Go360 bioTrack earned Go360 and AgSights, formerly known as BIO, the Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence as well as an AgHarvest Award for Agri-Food Innovation.

Unparalleled Protection & Security

Go360 Security Engine is a proprietary system that continuously runs checks and balances in the background to protect data, control user access, and ensure user authentication. The Security Engine is a fundamental component of all Go360 applications, entrusted by many data sensitive organizations.

Explore Go360 Business Centre

Go360™ Business Centre comprises of a fully integrated suite of applications. Skilled people are part of the equation. Go360’s technology and data integration bring it all together to support users in their roles from technicians, operators, analysts, supervisors, and executives, so your staff and employees Spend Time Wisely.


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