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Go360 LiveOps

Repair crew at broken electric pole

This Integrated Network Control Centre software allows utilities and system operators to analyze and visualize data in multiple ways while optimizing reliability, safety, and incident management response to outages, repairs, or other incidents, providing real-time situational awareness to decision makers.

Go360™ LiveOps brings planned and unplanned outage management, power restoration management, and distribution management into one complete solution. The software integrates traditional systems with Smart Grid technologies in a unified interface for network optimization and assists control room operators to keep the network up and running.

Integrates Traditional Systems with Smart Grid Technologies

Go360 LiveOps integrates traditional systems (CIS, GIS, IVR, etc.) with advanced Smart Grid capabilities (AMI, Substation Automation, Self-Healing Devices, etc.) for real-time network optimization and advanced outage response.

Go360 LiveOps aggregates data from multiple sources and provides network operators an intuitive heads-up display with advanced functionality, such as preferred switching operations based on real-time network conditions.

Visualize Smart Grid Data in Multiple Ways

Go360 LiveOps enables organizations to look at network data in multiple ways. By integrating
Smart Grid technology such as SCADA and AMI, Go360 LiveOps can calculate and display asset
load, predicted and confirmed outages, impact of planned work, and much more.

Unique Open Architecture; Web Services, IEC Common Information Model, and MultiSpeak Interface Compliance

Go360 LiveOps’ technology has been developed utilizing AGSI’s open architecture founded on web services, Oracle©, and Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) spatial feature types. The LiveOps electric network connectivity model is based on the IEC Common Information Model (CIM), an accurate and complete electric model that also incorporates complex Smart Grid features such as embedded generation (wind, solar etc.), energy storage and much more. This enables LiveOps to provide a single platform for an integrated Outage Management System (OMS) and Smart Grid ready advanced Distribution Management System (DMS).

Go360 LiveOps also has adapters for both CIM and MultiSpeak interfaces and is also easily configurable for any web service API or traditional in / outs such as DNP 3.0. The LiveOps application solves the problem of managing big data generated by the Smart Grid in real-time. LiveOps resides on an Oracle / Oracle Spatial platform, thereby leveraging the world’s number one real-time transactional database for managing “big data” with high performance. LiveOps also incorporates integration of data streams from multiple systems, in real-time, to provide operators with rapid situational awareness. Go360 LiveOps open architecture ensures ease of integration, on-going system management, and scalability.

Real-time Integration

Go360 LiveOps’ real-time integration with live network estimation and optimization tools can significantly enhance network reliability by providing on-the-fly switch operations. Review asset and network stress by combining load point data (SCADA, AMI, Distributed Generation Metering, etc.) and current network operating status for enhanced real-time decision-making.

Unified Interface

Go360 software provides operators, call takers / dispatchers, supervisors and field crews alike with a unified interface for live operational monitoring, coordination, decision-making, dispatch and control.

Fault Location, Isolation and Restoration, and Switch Order Management

Go360 LiveOps advanced network intelligence is supported by its capabilities to instantaneously analyze outage information from a variety of sources. LiveOps then quickly identifies a potential fault location and determines the optimum isolation and restoration switching order.

On-the-fly Customizable Reporting

The software provides robust operations and reliability reporting functionality and visualization. This includes IEEE compliant outage statistics, all current and historic network operations, loading, asset performance, and interactive time-based geospatial playback of network events.

Extending Go360 LiveOps Capabilities

All Go360 applications can be fully integrated and easily configured with Go360 LiveOps to extend the OMS / DMS capabilities and benefits.

Go360™ Customer Care

A real-time application that assists customer care representatives to manage customer interactions such as taking calls, reporting incidents, and communicating with control room operators through the OMS. Customer care representatives see suspected and confirmed outages with restoration status allowing them to provide helpful information back to customers in real-time.

Go360™ Outage Map

Provides up-to-date outage information to customers through an interactive public facing web page. Integrated with Go360 Customer Care and the OMS, the outage map is automatically updated and provides critical information such as the outage area, number of customers, cause of power outage, planned outages, and estimated time of power restoration.

Go360™ Dashboards

Information system dashboard with a real-time, easy-to-read graphic reporting interface. Displays a current snapshot and the historical trends of an organization’s key performance indicators derived from information often buried deep within the enterprise.

Go360™ CrewOps

A mobile GPS enabled application, assisting real-time outage dispatch, damage assessment, self-directed work permits, and work order completion. For all in-field work such as asset inspections and tracking, permit inspections, capturing asset imagery and details, and updating data in real-time. Designed to work on any mobile device allowing field and maintenance crews to seamlessly work in remote areas or underground while connected to or disconnected from the network.

Unparalleled Protection & Security

AGSI’s Go360™ Security Engine is a proprietary system that continuously runs checks and balances in the background to protect data, control user access, and ensure user authentication. The Security Engine is a fundamental component of all Go360 applications, entrusted by many data sensitive organizations.

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