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Go360 Address Manager

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Simplifying the task of civic address management and maintenance

Go360™ Address Manager enables the orderly management of civic addresses, an important service provided by Local Governments. At first glance, addressing appears simple – a point in the GIS represents a civic address – however the reality of multi-unit addresses, administrative-division complexity, divergent postal addresses, multiple names for street segments, and multiple entrances at the same civic address, makes address management a complex task.

Place Names, Street Names, Civic Addresses, and Mailing Addresses are critical master-data for responsive city services.

Building on 25 plus years of experience, managing address records for election commissions, infrastructure owners, and in our own Location Warehouse™, AGSI has created Go360 Address Manager. The application enables regular (non-GIS technician) staff to maintain the core civic address registry and simultaneously build the navigation data needed for today’s world of satellite guided smart phone navigation.

Go360 Address Manager is an easy-to-use application accessible via a browser on any web-enabled device. Its intuitive user interface virtually eliminates the complex and expensive training needed when using commercial GIS products for address management, while continuing to feed geo-spatial data into legacy GIS tools to support complex analysis tasks.

Address Manager also receive requests from Go360™ CheckIt, an integrated application where users can find, record, and request corrections or updates to map location data. With the pinpoint information, Address Manager users verify the updates, make corrections if required, and send notifications back to the CheckIt user.

Features include

  • Easy to learn and easy to use
  • Sophisticated data model manages the underlying complexity of addressing
  • Role based security, with granular tool and data authorization
  • Supports multiple units at a single location & location per unit address
  • Flexible administrative division naming – is that a county, a region, a district, or a canton?
  • Alternative names for the same road segment
  • Efficient tools for creating addresses along road segments in bulk
  • Search-engine like capabilities to see through address complexity

Unparalleled Protection & Security

AGSI’s Go360™ Security Engine is a proprietary system that continuously runs checks and balances in the background to protect data, control user access, and ensure user authentication. The Security Engine is a fundamental component of all Go360 applications, entrusted by many data sensitive organizations.

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