Go360 Audit & Compliance

Transform Inspection Data into Powerful Knowledge

Go360™ Audit & Compliance™ transforms the obligation of performing audits into a meaningful and valuable business practice. Virtually every industry needs to comply with corporate policy, regulatory requirements, or industry and quality standards. Go360 Audit & Compliance helps organizations use the information captured by an audit for such things as business analysis, performance trends, reporting, and litigation. Go360 Audit & Compliance is a real-time system enabling immediate information flow to your enterprise.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Go360 Audit & Compliance makes the task of completing audits and collecting data effortless. The easy-to-use interface is designed to be used on any web-enabled hand-held device so audits can be captured anywhere, anytime. Auditors can record comments, take photos and movies, and create alerts. Answers can be simple yes / no answers, value inputs, numeric ranges, sliders, or drop down options. Audits are immediately uploaded to the server after the audit is complete where managers can view audit results in real- time, run reports, and view data through dashboard tools.

Streamlined Workflows

Each audit has a unique audit ID, is GPS, date, and time stamped while recording the name of the auditor. Users can easily search asset and sub-asset lists or locate assets on a map. Find the asset and the appropriate audit is available with a click of a button. Audits can be completed without an internet connection so audits can be performed where assets are located, in rural areas, in vaults and basements, or underground in manholes. No more paper work, all results are captured on a tablet, ready to be uploaded to the server. Once an audit is complete the user can view a report and create an action list to immediately address deficiencies. Search audits by date, asset, inspector, overall score, or other information captured within the audit.

Flexibility & Control

Four modules provide organizations with total flexibility and control in creating audits, performing audits, analyzing and evaluating the information gathered, and visualizing data in ways that makes sense to decision makers for better, more informed decisions. Digital data, which can now be recalled and viewed, is infinitely more valuable than paper audits that may not have been properly completed or get filed away in offsite storage.

Four Modules

Compliance & Administration - used by management to configure and set up audits, insert policy, regulations and standards, while defining who has access to the system and data.

Audit - used in the field by an auditor to collect the required information.

Analysis & Reporting - provides valuable insights into the information and your business.

Executive Dashboard - provides the bottom line view of the business and trends through a series of intuitive graphs and charts.

Audits for Any Industry

Go360 Audit & Compliance can audit virtually any asset, key corporate interest, critical infrastructure, service or delivery in any industry such as:

  • Property Management
  • Government & Public Facilities
  • Farming & Agriculture
  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Electric, Oil & Gas Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Fleet Management & Transportation
  • Security & Law Enforcement
  • Universities, Schools & Day Cares
  • Roads, Bridges & other Infrastructure
  • And more…

Additional Highlights

  • Tool Tips provide auditors with instructions or information about each question
  • Tool Tips help for accuracy and consistency in answers
  • Assets and sub-assets can be grouped in hierarchal formats for easy searching
  • Assets can have multiple audits, e.g., annual, monthly, etc.
  • Audits are launched with a click of a button
  • Score values are assigned to questions and audits
  • Alerts and notifications can be automatically sent to managers, maintenance crews, or supervisors
  • Each audit is GPS, date, and time stamped
  • Assets can be assigned to specific auditors based on skill set or area of responsibility
  • Managers know when, where, and if audits are performed
  • Auditors can access reference material such as floor plans, layouts, contractor lists, and more
  • And much, much more…