Unifying Utility Data

For electrical utilities, having enterprise-wide control of data in real time is a critical foundation for the future. That’s because the future will be built on new technologies such as smart grids that seek to balance demand more effectively, and smart meters that discourage consumption at peak times and help to balance supply and demand equation.

Such technologies can only be implemented successfully if utilities can monitor their networks in real time, and sense and respond to constantly changing flows of electricity and network conditions.

Vast amounts of data are involved. Solutions must be found to integrate data collected in a seamless fashion from monitoring devices. Equally important is the ability to analyze data in real time to identify consumption patterns.

Go360 Unifies Data

Go360 Networks is a scalable and configurable geospatial web platform with enhanced functions designed specifically for electrical utilities.

The system unifies critical data, eliminating the need to separately search multiple disparate systems such as OMS, SCADA, AMI, CIS, ERP, geospatial and more. This results in faster access to reliable mission-critical information, easily configured to suit any user’s specific business needs.

Go360 Networks can also provide an integrated view of any real-time operational event (outages, switch / breaker status etc.), network state, planned and unplanned work and much more.

Features of Go360 Networks include:

  • A secure environment with high availability for mission-critical environments
  • Scalability to address a very large number of internal and external users
  • Services-oriented architecture based on an open Oracle OGC-compliant database, facilitating integration with any number of systems
  • Electric network connectivity including distribution lines, transmission lines, substations and transformer stations
  • User configuration engine giving administrative control to modify existing applications and build new applications
  • CIM compliant integration (bi-directional)

Go360 Networks has become the business tool of choice for our customers, supporting everything from engineering the grid through field inspections, asset investment strategies and executive management reports. The system not only uniquely delivers business value but also extracts and presents information from the other enterprise applications. For Burlington Hydro Inc. in Ontario Canada, outage time at the utility has been reduced to about 20 seconds a year from more than an hour, directly as a result of implementing Go360 Networks.