Incident Command System

Systematic preparation, prevention, response, and recovery from domestic incidents

The Go360 Incident Command System comprises several components that work together as a system to provide a national framework for preparing for, preventing, responding to, and recovering from domestic incidents.

These components include:

  • Command and management
  • Preparedness
  • Resource and asset management
  • Communications and information management
  • Supporting technologies
  • Management and maintenance
  • GPS asset tracking
  • Live stream video from the field

The system includes tools for reporting and recording incidents using mobile devices, and for storing and analyzing reports in real time. For emergency managers the system provides mobile-accessible policies and guidelines, with checklists to be time stamped as procedures are followed.

Effective incident management begins with a host of preparedness activities. The Incident Management System includes technologies to support a comprehensive preparedness program that includes:

  • Planning, training, and exercises
  • Personnel qualification and certification standards
  • Equipment acquisition and certification standards
  • Publication management processes and activities

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