Emergency Service Information System

A worldwide breakthrough in the application of GIS to emergency management has been achieved in Ontario.

By implementing Go360’s Emergency Service Information System (ESIS), the largest electrical utility in Ontario protects the lives of its employees by ensuring that crews can reach help in an emergency no matter in what remote area they may be working.

The system designed and implemented for Ontario Hydro by Go360 identifies and locates the closest providers of police, fire and hospital services to any given point on a map of the entire province.

This is done automatically and instantly. A user can click on an asset of Hydro One, such as a transmission station, or type in the name or locale of an asset anywhere in Ontario, and the system shows contact information for the best available emergency services.

The system is accessible in real time to 3,400 users.

It integrates a complex web of emergency services across the province – thousands of phone numbers and hundreds of locations, all constantly updated by Go360.

As the primary operator of rural Ontario’s electricity transmission and distribution system and the largest electricity-delivery company in the province, Hydro One sends work crews to locations that are so remote that telephone services of any kind are unavailable.

Those employees communicate with a provincial dispatch centre by means of Hydro One’s private radio network. If an employee calls on the radio to report an emergency, the dispatch centre queries ESIS to find emergency-service information based on various search criteria: Hydro One facility information, Hydro One organizational boundaries or geographic location.

A dispatcher can use this information to call an emergency service on behalf of a remote employee and, if necessary, stay on the phone and guide that service provider to reach the distressed caller, or guide the caller to a hospital, based on directions provided by ESIS.

More information about ESIS technology can be found here.