Audit Inspections

Go360 Audit Inspections system saves time and effort by enabling on-the-spot reporting.

Go360 offers state-of-the-art technology to support a program of audit assurance for organizations with facilities and assets subject to potential safety and security risks.

Managers have access any time to comprehensive, mapped views of all of their asset locations. They can see real-time reports from the field to identify any issues requiring action. They can view attributes of any asset by clicking on its location, and create reports that analyze incidents and reveal any correlations among them.

For field staff, the Go360 Audit Inspections system saves time and effort by enabling on-the-spot reporting of findings, with no need to go back to the office to write reports. Inspectors simply consult maps and templates on their mobile devices to report findings related to any location.

Does a facility have the required security precautions in place? Are lighting systems and cameras working properly? Answers to such questions are reported easily and quickly through the Audit Inspections system, and kept as permanent records to be consulted or analyzed as required.

Audit reports can be set up, if desired, with a “pass” or “fail” security designation for any corporate facility. Management can receive automatic notifications of audit results.

The system also provides the capability for live views of any location, for viewing at headquarters or anywhere the client wishes. All aspects of location security can be managed from one location.

Incident Tracking

With the Go360 Audit Inspections system, an organization has unprecedented ability to protect itself by analyzing all types of incidents that take place on corporate premises.

Any type of incident – robbery, counterfeit money transactions, accidents involving staff or customers, product shrinkage – can be recorded in detail on audit inspection reports using drop-down menus. Every field in those reports can be tracked and searched.

That means that managers can identify trends and common elements among incidents and send warnings to people who might be affected by similar incidents, such as store managers in a retail chain. Further, the system has built-in analytics that automatically look for incident patterns and alert designated managers.

Quick Reports

Users of Go360 Audit Inspections can define and customize any number of reports that can be included in drop-down menus and generated in moments.

How many facilities in a given geographic area have a type of asset that might be a fire risk? What stores in a certain area have been targeted by vandals? What warehouses are having problems with exterior lighting?

The Quick Reports tab within the Audit Inspections application can provide answers to such questions, with charts and illustrations, to give managers faster and easier capability to deal with security issues of specific relevance to their business.

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